Christmas Confectionery

By Puddings on the Ritz | The Gourmet Merchant

Discover the sweetest treasures with our handcrafted confectionery collection, just right for Christmas .

Our lollipops, humbugs, and rock candy are lovingly made to perfection, capturing the essence of old-fashioned sweetness.

Whether you're reminiscing about childhood favourites such as our Bullseyes or delighting in a new confectionery experience, these treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and evoke pure nostalgia. Handmade with care, enjoyed with joy!

Humbugs and Rock Candy 170g

Handmade humbgs and rock candy in sparkling glass jars.

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christmas tree lollipops

Christmas Tree Lollipopos

pretty in pink lollipop

Pretty in Pink Flowers

love heart lollipop

Love Heart Lollipops

rainbow swirl lollipop

Rainbow Swirl Lollipops

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