Christmas Turkish Delight

By Puddings on the Ritz | The Gourmet Merchant

Turkish Delight may have come from Turkey, but it now seems to be part of Christmas gift giving anywhere . The original name for Turkish Delight comes from the arabic meaning to soothe or heal the throat.

In our Turkish Dlight Collection you will discover the classic flavours, mint and rose as well as a new variety, delicious pomegranate. Our selection includes a mixed box with these three variants.

The hardest thing is to try stopping at one.

Turkish Delight 330g

Stylishly presented in Moroccan-inspred tile patterns - Rose - Pomegranate - Mint - "Rose, Pomegranate & Mint Mixed Box"

I was recently gifted a 330gram box of your assorted Turkish Delight. I was so impressed with the taste, quality and even the presentation of the box, that I had to let you know. As someone who can't eat chocolate (caffeine allergy) I have developed a love of Turkish Delight as a sweet treat. However, the quality of your product is so far above other brands that I know I'll be disappointed by them now. I was also impressed that this is made in Australia from at least 99% Australian ingredients.

Puddings on the Ritz | The Gournet Merchant

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01. December 2023

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